About Us

Dent State is a manufacturing Company of  Dental Instruments for Medical Professionals & Institutes. All of our Specialized and General-purpose instruments are manufactured through technical documentation, mechanized and systemized processes making this broad range of instruments allows Verity to supply customers with the level of performance required for their application.

We are active in the field of Instrumentation with much success and prosperity. All of our top priorities end at customer’s satisfaction. Customer's requirements, requests, and needs are still a daily challenge for Dent State Team. The manufacturing of dental instruments  is a long tradition of Sialkot and Dent State is a part of that making us proud of manufacturing instruments of excellent quality and has remained unchanged to this day.

We always seek reliable partners through whom our company gets broader exposure to the world of dental ultimately giving benefits to us and our customers. Here you will find products of your needs and if requires assistance please contact us by e-mail or by phone.  
Phone: +92 334 8033475
Email: info@dentstate.com